BinBin wastebins spotted in Markthal Rotterdam.

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Markthal Rotterdam chooses BinBin

The Markthal in Rotterdam is a beautiful building. But recently even more beautiful???? Because the iconic building in the city center has recently been equipped with 120 L BinBin trash cans. In different colors for different waste streams. Owner Klepierre is committed to sustainability and waste separation is part of that.

Visitors to the hall can therefore dispose of their waste in a black, blue or red trash can. For residual waste, paper and plastic respectively. The bins are equipped with flame resistant lids.

The Markhal in Rotterdam was completed five years ago. Everyone happy. Only the architect had forgotten to think about trash cans. They were not integrated in the building. The first five years this was solved with the Netherlands Clean waste bins, but the owner of the building wanted something more suitable for the Markthal and the city of Rotterdam. They ended up at the BinBin of Barrelkings. Another reason to visit the beautiful hall in the center of Rotterdam. Go see that!


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