Christmas: make a virtue of necessity with the BarrelQ.

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People let's be honest: we're all at home this Christmas. Thanks to Corona. Covid 19 has not yet stopped and the government is urging us to stay at home. Even family visits are under pressure. We are not allowed to share one house with too many people. Forget winter sports, forget Dubai, forget the Canary Islands.

We only have one option: make the most of it. (like every Christmas😊)


What can help: a BarrelQ in the garden or on the balcony. Nice as a winter barbecue but also nice and tasty as a fire basket. So treat yourself to a nice BarrelQ this year for Christmas and make the most of it at home. Your own Christmas package. It is wonderful to be around the BarrelQ with the whole family in December. There are several options on this site.


Christmas present

And we want to say to employers: give your staff a BarrelQ as a Christmas package. We can deliver quickly and we can stick a company logo on the BarrelQ.


Then your staff - together with the family - will be around the BarrelQ this Christmas. First, grill and then fire it up to use the BarrelQ as a fire basket. Marschmellows there. Mulled wine. Doesn't that sound like a nice Christmas ?!

Make the home workers BarrelQ-ers! It is a gift that will last for many years and that your staff will enjoy for many years to come. Still better than cherries in juice?

Call or email us for more information! 

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