Increase your sales with the right dispplay trash can

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Advertising on a trash can increases the turnover of products
The photos on this page show trash cans / displays from Ben & Jerry's, Unox and Chocomel. Beautiful waste bins that do what they are supposed to do: collect dirt. They are functional. But they are also displays. They are advertising pillars that ensure a higher turnover at the companies where they are located. A higher turnover of the product that is on the trash can that is.

Proven in practice
We have conducted tests at supermarkets in Zaandam, Urk, Purmerend and Haarlem. In all cases, it turned out that it helps if you place a display trash can near the shelf where the product is located. There is a group of people who give you an idea. Oh yes, I'm here now anyway, let me take chocolate milk right away. Or pea soup, or ice cream. We reach people when they are making purchases. There is no better time!

The ‘’knife’’ cuts both ways with an advertising trash can.
A trash can with advertising on it is functional. A trash can is necessary. But by turning it into an "advertising column" "you turn necessity into virtue. It increases the turnover of the brand / product that is on the waste bin. This makes it interesting for brands to deliver the waste bins to its points of sale free of charge. Those brands earn it back through the increased turnover.

What are the benefits for supermarkets, snack bars, etc.
The supermarket, snack bar, gas station, sports canteen will actually get a free trash can from the "brand". They are not standard waste bins, but waste bins with their own design. They are beautiful, stand out and increase sales. That is important for the advertiser, but it is also a nice addition to the interior of the supermarket.

As mentioned: We have conducted experiments with different brands on the waste bins. They increase the turnover of the conscious products! We are happy to tell you more about the figures from those experiments. Please contact us for this.
We vertellen u graag meer over de cijfers van die experimenten. Neem daarvoor contact met ons op.

PS: PS: We provide appropriate transparent waste bags for the "advertising" bins. That is often forgotten in practice: a good bag. Sometimes you see pockets that come halfway over the edge. That doesn't look like much. And we just want it to look good.


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