Barrelkings delivers to local brands but also to global A-players. Check the pictures on this site and you which players we mean. Companys, big and small, love barrels too. An oildrum is a great marketingtool.

Many beerbrands put their names on our barbecues. That means that you have a couple of people grilling around a barbecue with their brand on it. What brand doesn't want that?

A full colour barrel is suitable as POS(point-of-sale) barrel. Paintbrands use it as table tops. Sikkens Service Centra already have a table top with branded top. A proper example of functional branding.



Brandactivation for example: Big Soup cans.


And what do you think of our full colour bins? You need bins anyway so why dont you use cool ones?

We did a test with a Ben and Jerry’s bin in supermarkets. We found out that the turnover of Ben and Jerry’s ice is higher in supermarkets with the Ben and Jerry’s bin.


So let a Barrel do the job. As a BBQ, sidetable or icebucket. Maybe you have your idea? We love to hear them. Give us a call or send an email.

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Mail us at of bel ons op +31 (0) 75 -207 3027