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Christmas Packages & Gifts

Imagine an original Christmas package full of delicious surprises and carefully selected gifts, presented in a stylish vessel. But it's not just a one-time surprise. After the holidays, this vessel will get a new life as a trendy barbecue, an elegant planter, or a unique seat for your garden or patio. Each barrel is a statement of sustainability and design, and, if you wish, can be personalized with your company logo. This keeps your brand in the spotlight beyond the holidays. Our multi-purpose Christmas gifts are a treat for the recipient and a smart move for your brand. It is a gift, a durable piece of furniture, and a marketing tool, all in one. With BarrelKings, you choose an innovative gift that keeps on giving, long after the Christmas decorations are put away. Choose a Christmas package that unpacks to more - choose a BarrelKings barrel with vision.

Barrel as a gift

At BarrelKings, the concept of giving is not limited to the Christmas season. We create year-round personalized gift packages that are both surprising and sustainable. Imagine an elegant 200-liter bar table filled with a selection of fine sausages, crispy chips, and a selection of the finest beverages and beers. A perfect thank-you gift for your associates, not only showing appreciation but also offering something practical and lasting. The bar table is embellished with your company logo prominently displayed on the barrel, while the table top can carry the recipient's logo. Thus, the gift becomes a permanent and useful business card of your appreciation.

In addition, our products are excellent for promotional campaigns. Imagine if your customers earned a stamp for every $50 purchase. With a full savings card, they will have a chance to win a unique BarrelKings oil barrel BBQ, of course featuring your company name. This is not only an exciting win, but also a great way to reinforce customer loyalty and give your brand visibility. At BarrelKings, we go for gifts that are more than a gesture - they are functional works of art that convey your brand and message in a unique way.

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