BinBin 200L with flame-resistant lid

115.66 ex. VAT

BinBin 200L with flame-resistant lid

115.66 ex. VAT

The BinBin Flame 200 Liter is a large metal oil drum trash can waste bin. Features a flameproof lid with a 14 cm hole. 57×87 CM For indoor and outdoor use. With tailored trash bag.

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Why barrelkings?


The BinBin Flame 200 Liter bin with flame-extinguishing lid
A large, sturdy and fireproof trash can with an industrial look. Due to its large size, the Binbin flame 200 Liter is especially suitable for businesses. There is more waste there and then a larger volume is necessary. For example, at stores, cafes, restaurants, beach bars, snack bars, gas stations or festivals. The bin weighs 10 pounds, making it easy to move. The trash can is made entirely of steel. Thus, the bins are 100% recyclable. It is a durable trash can.

The BinBin bin works very simply
You put the bag in the oil drum. Then you put the flameproof lid on top and it keeps the garbage bag in place. The lid has a 13-cm hole in it. We deliberately kept that gap small. So that no large, heavy waste is thrown in. This beautiful and large, metal waste garbage can is suitable for all waste streams. The barrel is also particularly suitable for putting a text/sticker on it. For example, your own name or logo.

Flame resistant lid
And then the lid. That one is flame resistant. Or flame retardant. Both names are used but because of the funnel shape of the lid, in flame-extinguishing bins, smoke is directed back into the bin through the rim. The smoke cannot escape, oxygen deprivation occurs and the fire goes out. So the fire department is also happy when you have this BinBin Black 200 L on display.

The BinBin 200 l oil drum bin can be stickered and-or delivered in a RAL color. Or in Full color variant as below: Design your own BinBin, we’ll make it for you!


57 cm


57 cm


87 cm




Hospitality, Schools, Sports clubs


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200 liters