What is the difference between barrel Q and

We get asked the question: what is the difference between the BarrelQ and the Drumgrill barbecue. A logical question because they are both black barrels that a barbecue is made of.

At first glance, there seems little difference but there are. Anyway how the brand is displayed on the barrel. The BarrelQ has a beautiful stainless steel plate measuring 10 by 10 cm. The Drumgrill has a white screen (sticker).

The BarrelQ has a better barrel: the bottom is galvanized and the inside of the barrel is coated. So that one has an extra layer of protection. Furthermore, the basket that comes with the BarrelQ is a lot sturdier: it is perforated steel with a thickness of 2mm. The Drumgrill’s basket is 1 mm thick. Furthermore, the BarrelQ bbq can be expanded with various accessories. A BarrelQ cover is available and it can be expanded with the Teppanyaki grill plate. So the BarrelQ has better specifications and more features than the DrumGrill, and is also more expensive as a result.

The Drumgrill is another excellent bbq but also a basic barbecue. Great for grilling, using as a fire pit and having a good time.


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